Core Banking System

ADBanking is an integrated Information System designed for microfinance institutions. It has four main core interlinked modules that include the following:

1) Customer Management Core Module (Know your customer) that manages corporations (formal business and other organizational entities) or Individuals who can be members of groups such as lending groups & informal groups.
2) Savings Core Module that supports the savings policy of a microfinance institution, by allowing the management of unlimited number of savings products of various types such as Current accounts (deposits and withdrawals); Savings plans (limited term, with several deposits and one withdrawal); Term deposits (One deposit and one withdrawal after a pre-determined period of time); Additionally savings products of those types can be configured based on various criteria, such as interest calculation methods, type of fees, and more.
3) Loans Management Core Module allows configuration of an unlimited number of loan products based on several criteria like Interest calculation methods (flat interests, decreasing interests, decreasing interests with fixed principal); Periodicity (monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, annual, quarterly, daily); Types of fees.
4) Accounting Core Module allows origination of accounting transactions from operational modules such as savings or from the accounting module itself. Other main features of this module include: Web-Based (no client software on workstations); Real-time multi-branch (clients do the transaction from any branch); Rich reporting features (more than a hundred built-in reports and custom reports generating tools)