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ADFInance is an African-based Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company that specializes in providing technical solutions across a diverse range of industries, including microfinance, in seven African countries. We have developed in-house solutions such as our Microfinance Core Banking ERP suite, ADbanking, which encompasses core banking, internet banking, business intelligence, and mobile banking, and is all linked via API. In addition, we offer implementation and customization services to the banking industry in the payment systems area through our partnership with M2M. ADFInance is also a certified partner of the award-winning, cloud-based ERP system, Odoo, which offers a comprehensive range of management modules including customer relationship management, purchasing, inventory, sales, and human resource management. To learn more about how our solutions can help your business achieve its goals, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


  • Core Banking System
  • Business Intelligence
  • Channel Manager
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Odoo-IntuitFlow

ADBanking is an integrated Information System designed for microfinance institutions. It has four main core interlinked modules that include the following:

1) Customer Management Core Module (Know your customer) that manages corporations (formal business and other organizational entities) or Individuals who can be members of groups such as lending groups & informal groups.
2) Savings Core Module that supports the savings policy of a microfinance institution, by allowing the management of unlimited number of savings products of various types such as Current accounts (deposits and withdrawals); Savings plans (limited term, with several deposits and one withdrawal); Term deposits (One deposit and one withdrawal after a pre-determined period of time); Additionally savings products of those types can be configured based on various criteria, such as interest calculation methods, type of fees, and more.
3) Loans Management Core Module allows configuration of an unlimited number of loan products based on several criteria like Interest calculation methods (flat interests, decreasing interests, decreasing interests with fixed principal); Periodicity (monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, annual, quarterly, daily); Types of fees.
4) Accounting Core Module allows origination of accounting transactions from operational modules such as savings or from the accounting module itself. Other main features of this module include: Web-Based (no client software on workstations); Real-time multi-branch (clients do the transaction from any branch); Rich reporting features (more than a hundred built-in reports and custom reports generating tools)

The BI module has been designed to meet the reporting and consolidation needs of MFI managers. This module allows having an overview of the whole Information System in consolidated or separated (per branch) reports. A set of management reports are provided, including accounting reports (balance sheet, trial balance, and income statement), credits reports (poradfinanceolio aging schedule, risk per economic sector, risk per customer category) and savings reports (inventory of savings account per customer category, per savings products) Besides those management reports, regulatory reports are also provided. All regulatory reports for central banks of Rwanda, Burundi, and BCEAO are available in consolidated format or per branch. With ADBanking BI module, MFIs can also have ad-hoc reports tailored to their particular needs. Managers can be able to have customized dashboards with a 360° degree view of their MFI on one screen.

Nowadays an ecosystem of payment systems is rising; branchless banking is becoming a reality; and a number of peripheral applications are being deployed in MFIs. That’s why ADBanking Channel Manager, an Application Programming Interface (API) for ADBanking Core Banking System was developed. The Channel Manager allows third-party applications to interact with the core banking system where those applications can retrieve data from the core database and can post transactions. The Mobile Banking module and Internet Banking module use the Channel Manager to interact with the core banking system. Due to the Channel Manager, a third party human resources management system is also linked to ADBanking.

Internet Banking Module allows to end users (MFI’s customers) to manage their accounts online, through secured website accessed through a web browser on their personal computers. The Main functionalities of this module include: E-mail transaction alerts; Periodic accounts status; Real time history of the account; Account to account transfer.

It allows MFI’s customers to interact directly with the core banking system through their mobile phone hand set. Core functionalities include; Transaction alerts, Balance inquiry, Mini statement, Account to account transfer, and Credit installment reminders. The most interesting feature in this module is the interaction with e-wallet. A customer can transfer money from his mobile money virtual account to his account in the MFI and vice versa. This allows to MFIs to partner with Mobile Network Operators to use mobile money agents as cash in/out outlets, hence reducing significantly the operational costs in running branches while expanding their outreach.

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