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The Made in Rwanda Expo is a Rwandan initiative to promote locally made products. It is organized by Private Sector Federation with the support of the Rwandan government. It was initiated in March 2015 as a showcase of domestically produced goods and services to the Rwandan population in line with the campaign of sensitization and promotion of consumption of locally made products.  All sectors from agro-processing and plastics, arts and crafts, ICT and construction are gathered for a week at the event.

For this year it took place as usual at Gikondo Expo Ground from 30th November to 5 December 2017.
ICT industry was represented as well and ADFinance, as a Rwandan fintech was present at the event and was showcasing its products and footprint in developing and deploying IT solutions for financial institutions across the African continent. We serve around 65% of end-customers in Rwanda and we are present in six others African countries with a portfolio of nearly 1 million end- customers.
Our stand was visited by a various enthusiastic and interested audience. It was appreciated by most of the visitors for its presentation and the warm welcome.
Attending the 2017 Made in Rwanda Expo was an important success for our growth and marketing plans.  It was an opportunity to display our solutions for financial services to our citizens, potential contacts and potential new clients, strengthen our relationship with our existing clients. Thus, we have been recognized by organisers among the Best Exhibitors in ICT.

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